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Innovative Object Solutions is an information-technology consulting and services company that provides custom solutions based on JEETM, Web Services, and related technologies.

IOS is well versed in Agile methodologies (such as Scrum and Extreme Programming) and the technologies that support them. Our experience with this fast pace and time-boxed development allows us to provide our clients with the best team to make their agile project successful. We make sure our clients flourish in this rapid and flexible environment and are well supported by the right tools for their project needs.

We support our client throughout the agile approach, from concept to implementation, such as continuous integration and prototyping. Our team works with all the stakeholders to understand their goals and needs to ensure the success of the project. We understand that the environment is the key to a successful agile project, whether it is the management of the project or the development. We tailor the agile environment to best fit the realities, goals and needs of our clients. Our goal is always our client’s success.

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