Innovative Object Solutions is an information-technology consulting and services company that provides custom solutions based on JEETM, Web Services, and related technologies.


IO Most web developers know how to use JavaScript -- but that's very different than knowing how to engineer it. You don't need to understand the intricacies of JavaScript to "plug in" an existing JavaScript library.

But what if you need to design your own JavaScript library? What if you plan to build a sophisticated, modern web app, or a cross-device mobile app, or a Flashless, browser-based game? In that case, you need more than someone who "knows a little" JavaScript. You need a JavaScript software engineer.

At Innovative Object Solutions, we specialize in complex JavaScript development. Node.js is our server-side platform of choice, and we use popular client-side frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone and Bootstrap every day. Our full-stack JS engineers are MEAN experts, and easily switch between client- and server-side development.

As standard practice, we utilize Mocha and Karma for unit tests, Gulp and Grunt to manage build environments, LESS to create modular, maintainable interfaces. We are software veterans, and bring a professional approach and best practices to each project we tackle. We don't dabble in JavaScript. We live it. And if it can be done in JavaScript, our team can build it.

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