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Innovative Object Solutions is an information-technology consulting and services company that provides custom solutions based on JEETM, Web Services, and related technologies.


Node.js is an innovative platform that can be used to build faster scalable network applications. Innovative Object Solutions has experienced Node.js developers and has helped companies build load-bearing infrastructure which uses Node.js as one of the primary technologies. Node.js is the tool of choice for Fortune 100 companies.

Node.js generates new opportunities for enterprises with its latest enhanced features. It has become a preferred framework among enterprises that are looking for quick real-time applications, networked applications, scalable and high traffic driven applications or mobile applications that have to talk to platform API & database. Node.js development is an ideal platform to build all types of applications.
You can now deploy web apps and APIs on this cutting-edge platform that is so versatile that it is being used even in microcontrollers and robots.

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